Our Understanding of Part Management

During the assembly of an module different components are put together. These components must first be brought together from a parts warehouse using a parts list.

For the assembler it is important to have the right components in the right quantity in front of him to avoid delays and errors during the assembly. Therefore a previous check is helpful.

However, checking small and often similar objects for correctness and completeness is time-consuming and error-prone for a human being.

An automatic routine inspection using an image acquisition system can reduce the frequency of errors. In the video you can see an  object detection example with different conditions:

    • lighting
    • background
    • appearance
    • locations

In all possible possibilities we achieve accuracy up to 100%. Several objects can also be differentiated.
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Our main targets are


the system works all day long


with our modular we provide a fast adaptable system for every use case


real time part detection within 3 sec

easy to use

no education, just plug an play